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Searching for a school or college and beginning a new career is a difficult and extremely personal process - finding the right school can also be very time-consuming. So why would you not start your college search at the web's largest directory of schools, colleges and universities? US College Search has a wealth of information for people looking to continue their education, find the right school or college, and succeed in all of their life endeavors.

With seven out of every ten undergraduates now taking "non-traditional" routes to obtain a college degree, US College Search distinguishes itself from other college search websites by connecting to the majority of students whose education path may have been put on hold.

US College Search empowers this "new-traditional" student by providing them with a complete postsecondary education information base of more than 2,400 educational institutions at 20,000-plus individual locations, including online colleges. Since 2003, US College Search has been utilizing the most comprehensive school, college and university database to give students the ability to discover the right school, program, and degree - the first time.

US College Search also provides numerous frequently asked questions, informative resource articles, relevant blog posts, and social media feedbacks with college and school rankings built into their pages. We prove to our visitors hourly that US College Search is committed to furthering their education by providing specific content on all of the popular career, degree, and certificate fields.

US College Search features articles and graphic presentations that focus on beauty/cosmetology, business, criminal justice, culinary, communications, dental assisting, education, graphic design, healthcare, hospitality, massage/wellness, technology, veterinary technician and more. US College Search is your official guide to the schools, colleges, universities and online degrees.

Simply search for a college or school by state, zip, or degree name. Find a school near you or online and let them know you are interested. After you fill out the request form, schools contact you - finding your new school is that easy!

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There are currently 1,568
Medical Assistant Colleges
in our database.

There are currently 991
Graphic Design Colleges
in our database.

There are currently 1,889
Criminal Justice Colleges
in our database.

There are currently 22
Medical Sonography Colleges
in our database.

There are currently 568
Business Administration Colleges
in our database.

There are currently 715
Physical Therapy Assistant Colleges
in our database.

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