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Employment opportunities for the hopeful Alabama medical assistant continues to grow, regardless of the nation's recovering economy. As one of the few industries continuing to remain strong, health care professionals will be in demand for years to come. Since most doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics prefer those with Alabama medical assistant certification over those who require training on the job, future medical assistants should look into various medical assistant schools in Alabama for a well-rounded education.

Training at medical assistant colleges in Alabama offers studies in human anatomy, medical terminology and medical ethics to provide a well-versed understanding of the practices in modern medicine. Additionally, a thorough knowledge of laboratory techniques and clinical procedures like the use of X-Ray machines offers practical training to prepare the medical assistant for work in doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics. With over 350 programs approved by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) nationwide, an aspiring medical assistant should be able to find suitable medical assistant schools in Alabama for a strong education. Students can expect programs at vocational schools to last one year, while those pursuing an associate degree should expect two-year programs at accredited Alabama medical assisting colleges. Additionally, medical assisting schools provide computer training and basic insurance processing to prepare the medical assistant for work in a variety of areas.

Medical assistants are an integral part of insuring smooth operation in doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics through working directly with patients. This includes organizing patient files, setting appointments and answering the phone, while performing physical examinations that include measuring the patient's height, weight, blood pressure and taking blood samples. Some assistants even work directly with inventory and supply orders for doctor's offices. An Alabama medical assistant should be prepared to function in some or all of these capacities, which can create a varied, flexible and rewarding work environment.

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