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May 27th, 2011 by Trey

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Social networking has already been adopted by the business world and its administrators, but new apps are constantly evolving just how it is used. One new way to use social media is with check-in apps like Foursquare. Early adopters report enjoying using check-in apps, but at the Social-Loco Conference, new research was released showing that while these apps are highly hyped and widely talked about, not many people are using them as extensively as they claim and not as many people are using them as is suggested by the media.

The reality of how new social media applications are used by consumers and how they can be used by businesses is of great importance to those in business administration. A good business administration college teaches all of the latest media and research to its students. Graduates with a business administration degree from a top college will be well-prepared for the real world.

Early adopters mostly use the following check-in or social location apps:
• Facebook Places – 90 percent
• Twitter – 31 percent

• Groupon – 30 percent
• Foursquare – 22 percent
• Living Social – 22 percent
• Yelp Check-in – 10 percent

Early adopters report that they use these apps mostly to get discounts and coupons, at 54 percent. Thirty-three percent use them to meet friends, and nearly as many learn about new locations and promote locations with the apps.

How Business Administrators Can Stay In Front

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