Business Manager’s Strategies for Learning From Mistakes

June 9th, 2011 by Clifford

As smart as a given person and their coworkers might be, there is simply no way to make people infallible. The keys to success in dealing with failure, according to professors at business administration schools everywhere, lie in understanding the mistake itself and how it might be fixed.

From the first few moments after realization that a mistake has occurred, it is vital to avoid the so-called “blame game” at all costs. Those with a business degree know that one of the most inefficient ways to handle mistakes is to focus on who is at fault as opposed to the real cause of the mistake, and how it might be averted in the future. In fact, many business administration professionals put failure in a positive light, seeing it as an opportunity for employees to grow and evolve.

Also important in the process of analyzing and fixing mistakes is the responsiveness of management in a given business administration setting. It is up to both the individual employee who garnered the skills to mitigate potential problems through experience or schooling (particularly a business degree), and the manager, who must be reachable and proactive in identifying and solving potential problems.

In managing mistakes, it is helpful to remember that failures of almost all magnitudes – from a small contractual breach one might read about in a case study at business administration school to ones that could be potentially life threatening for employees – are solved through similar processes. By handling the small mistakes in a manner that encourages communication and improvement, one is better equipped to mitigate the failures that are larger in size and scope.

What Business Administrators and Managers Can Learn

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