The Business of Eating Out

June 9th, 2011 by Clifford

If you are thinking about going into the restaurant business, you may not be studying what is best for a restaurant or café to thrive in the current marketplace. Instead of going into cooking or restaurant management, a business administration degree may be more helpful. Restaurants, at their heart, are businesses. A business degree awarded by a reputable business college will help you start your own restaurant or operate a restaurant armed with all of the knowledge required to succeed.

Some of what you will learn at business school includes marketing and analysis of customer trends. This is important in discovering what foods and beverages you should sell and what your customers are willing to buy. If you want to run a coffee shop, it is important to know that the average transaction is $8.43. However, the average transaction at some of the most successful coffee shops is much lower. At Starbucks it is only $7.01. Dunkin’ Donuts can only boast $5.53. Seattle’s Best is $5.23. In total, the average person spends $14.40 per month at a coffee shop.

Fast food is another story. The average person makes 5.2 fast food purchases per month. The average transaction is $10.05. Again, the average is much lower at the most successful businesses. McDonald’s average is only $7.06. At Burger King, the average is $7.56. A&W has managed to bring in an average of $18.96. The average per month for all fast food restaurants is over $51.

At regular restaurants, the average dinner costs $28.47. The average person eats dinner at a restaurant 6 times per month. The slowest month for restaurants is December, while the busiest month is March. The average amount spent at restaurants per month comes to $172.27.

What Business Administrators and Managers Can Learn

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