The Growth of Mobile Marketing and what Business Administrators Can Learn

June 9th, 2011 by Clifford
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Mobile phones are expanding every year. Not only are more and more people getting connecting through mobile networks, but mobile devices are becoming more powerful. New apps allow for integration into every facet of life. This has hardly gone unnoticed in the business world. Many people with business degrees are becoming specialized in mobile marketing. Business administration is always becoming more complicated, but top business schools are keeping up to provide students with the knowledge they need to be competitive in today’s market.

Over 4 billion people worldwide now use mobile phones. Of those, 3.05 billion are sms-enabled and 1.08 billion are smartphones. It is predicted that by 2014, the number of mobile Internet users will top the number of desktop Internet users. In 2009, mobile Internet users numbered approximately 700 million and desktop users numbered about 1.3 billion. By 2015, desktop Internet users are estimated to grow to 1.7 billion while mobile Internet users will be over 1.9 billion.

Because mobile phones are so versatile, their use has drastically changed over the years. Nearly half of all local searches are now performed on mobile devices. Mobile tags are being scanned by mobile devices to provide users with much more information than can be obtained from traditional bar codes. Mobile tags can also give users instant coupons. Over 86 percent of mobile Internet users operate their devices while they are watching TV.

Overall mobile device use is always growing. It is estimated that the average American spends 2.7 hours every day socializing through their mobile devices. Of people who have mobile Internet, 91 percent use it for socializing while only 79 percent of desktop Internet users socialize online. Facebook is the top social network for mobile devices. Over one-third of all Facebook users access the site through their mobile phones.

What Business Administrators and Managers Should Learn

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