Understanding Marketing – Questions Business Administrators Should Ask

June 3rd, 2011 by Clifford

Whether you want to start your own business or help grow an established one, you will need to become skilled in marketing techniques and sales. Marketing may sound boring to those who are not yet initiated into the business world, but it is actually one of the most important and exciting aspects of a business. Successful companies invest greatly in their marketing department. Most marketing professionals have a degree in business administration from an accredited business college. Those that don’t, have another type of business degree or a degree in marketing.

One man who used his business degree to get ahead in the world of marketing is Tim Cohn. Tim Cohn has been a professional marketing consultant since 1989. He has helped over 100 companies develop marketing strategies and more fully realize their business’ potential. Since 2007, Mr. Cohn has focused on Internet marketing. He is a Google Certified Partner who has generated almost 1 billion advertisement impressions that have drawn in 5 million visitors and 100,000 sales leads through Google alone.

Mr. Cohn now writes for his own blog and for national business magazines. He has written more than 1,500 articles for his blog. He has also been the subject of interviews for several important publications, including Forbes Magazine and Inc. Magazine. Cohn has a book that is widely distributed entitled For Sale By Google.

Cohn attributes much of his success in business to Peter Drucker, a prominent writer, business consultant and teacher. Drucker put forth the idea that all business owners and marketing professionals need to ask themselves 5 important questions. He expanded on all of the questions in his book The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization. Those 5 questions are as follows:

    1. What is our business’ mission?


A company mission guides every aspect of a business and is important to every department, be it sales, marketing or executive administration.

    2. Who is our customer?


Knowing your customer demographic allows you to bring them the specific products and services they require. It also allows you to market directly to them instead of to people who are never going to become customers.

    3. What does the customer value?


This is an extension of question 2. Knowing what your customers value is part of knowing your customer.

    4. What are our results?


You must be able to quantify the results of your efforts in order to improve on them.

    5. What is our plan?


A mission is not enough. A company must have a plan on how they are going to succeed in their mission.

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