What Capitalism and Business Managers Can Learn from the NFL

May 31st, 2011 by Clifford

Although it may not seem like professional football has anything in common with the world of business administration, there are certain similarities that business leaders can look at in order to improve on the functioning of the business world. It doesn’t take a business degree to apply much of the common sense advice developed on the gridiron.

The connection between professional football and business administration and management can be seen in the relationship between businesses and investors. Although there are plenty of real statistics available for businesses based on output and profitability, investors often make their decisions on whether to fund a company based on where they see the company years down the road. This, in turn, drives stock prices. Similarly, while professional football players play real games with measurable outputs (i.e., goals), many people bet on professional football games based on their expectation of whether one team or another will beat the “spread,” the expected point difference between two teams.

What does this mean for business professionals and students of a business administration school? One point is that while professional football strictly divorces playing sports from betting on sports, there is no such equivalent in the business world. The reason for this separation in the sports world is that conflating betting and playing sports creates an incentive for players to play games only to beat the “spread,” or even to throw games. Similarly, stock options given to CEOs mean that there may be an incentive to keep the stock price artificially inflated, regardless of the effect on the overall health of the company.

What Business Administrators and Managers Can Learn

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