The power of the mobile workforce

January 24th, 2012 by admin

Remember that old picture of an office job involving being chained to a desk in a windowless cubicle for hours on end? Y’know, the Office Space scenario? Let’s just say that that picture is evolving.

2011 was the year of the tablet, and it’s rising popularity means that a mobile workforce is becoming one of the hottest tickets to business success. Keeping employees connected to office systems, customers, locations, news, each other – the University of Texas at Austin found that if a Fortune 1000 business increased the mobility and usability of its data by just 10%, it could see a $2 billion increase in revenue.

What does this mean for those who are going back to school and looking for a new field? Well, it means computer technology careers going to be huge, so don’t overlook them. What about if you’re just wanting to amp up your skills to compete? In that case, it means that if you’re not familiar with mobile applications, then you’d better start learning. Laptops are old hat – think smartphones and tablets, GPS and cloud technology.

Get comfortable with staying connected and with all of the benefits that come with workforce mobility. It looks like it’s the way of the future.

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