LEED Standards Changing the World and CAD / Architecture Education

June 18th, 2009 by admin

What it is

The LEED Certification is the new gold standard for construction and architecture in the new century. This is good news for those considering or currently attending architecture colleges. It means that the designers on new construction are aiming for a higher set of energy and efficiency requirements that are optional, but are also built to impact long-term costs to the communities that will use the facilities.

Why it’s a good idea

Beginning in the mid-2000′s in many urban cores, the LEED standards began impacting communities and their new construction projects in positive ways. It’s positive because the LEED list of certifications is based on saving energy, using renewable resources and materials, and engineering creative solutions. Now in 2009, technical schools, colleges and universities and architecture schools are incorporating the LEED standards into the curriculum.

What the technology is called

The technology that is leading the way for CAD Drafters, Architects and Construction Manager graduates alike is something called BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM training software has been formulated as a sort of shorthand for the complex merging of computer-aided-design and construction databases.

BIM helps architects, engineers, and construction planners design more efficient, cost-saving and greener facilities for roughly the same cost as normal buildings. By stressing cooperation across multiple occupations early in design, BIM also provides a new way to learn engineering, civic planning and architecture skills at technical colleges across the country.

How you can take advantage

One interesting aspect of the focus on LEED certifications is that now construction companies and civic engineering boards are on the hunt for certified LEEDS Compliance Specialists. This job certification is becoming somewhat of an elite class of consulting for drafting, engineering and civic planning businesses around the country. So if you begin your drafting, engineering or architectural training now, you can specialize in LEEDS certification standards as a way to enhance your marketability.

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