Tips On How To Design A Great Logo

May 11th, 2011 by Clifford


A logo is more than a symbol — just ask Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola. But the power that can reside behind the logo is immense and it can be difficult to find a concept that clicks. Some symbols seem to have been around forever: think peace signs, the skull and crossbones on a pirate flag, or the ubiquitous McDonald’s Golden Arches. Others, like Nike’s “swoosh” or the bitten-fruit silhouette on Apple products, may be more recent, but they enjoy near-universal recognition nonetheless.

Lowest common denominator

The design of a logo rarely tells the story of if that logo will get any amount of traction. What it does the symbol mean? Is that logo a symbol of “the lowest common denominator” for a brand? Can the company get by with just their logo on the flyer? Only then will society knows what that company stands for.

Qualities of a good logo

There are many qualities that go into a good logo. First, it must be attractive. It should be original, unmistakable, and recognizable. It also needs to be easily reproducible in different sizes and on different surfaces. Moreover, it should be timeless, and it should travel well across international borders by avoiding colors or images that carry negative connotations in different cultures.

Ideally, it also needs to be flexible or vague enough to represent a company as it develops into new, possibly unforeseen business areas. If you see your future in designing logos go to and select graphic design in the by degree section.

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