Top 10 Reasons Adults Should Go Back to School

April 18th, 2012 by admin

10-reasons-adults-should-go-back-to-schoolSchool isn’t just for teenagers anymore. There are plenty of good reasons why adults, both young and old, can return to school. Here’s ten of the best.

1. Personal investment. Time spent in school is knowledge and experience you deserve. School can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

2. Make more money. While it’s not guaranteed, you’ll possibly see a hike in salary, having a higher education never hurts. A better degree can lead to any number of job openings all around the world.

3. Brand new experiences. School gets you away from the same old nine to five. If you’re unsatisfied with your career path, pursuing education can set you on a different one.

4. Following your dreams. It’s amazing how many simple life-improving dreams are possible with a little higher education. You may never land on another planet, but you can change your life. A college degree is an excellent place to start.

5. Overcoming fears. College may seem like a frightening place, but it’s full of normal people just like you. You can learn just as much outside of the classroom on a college campus as you can inside the walls, if you’re not afraid to mingle.

6. Create a business. With a little education you can take matters into your own hands and start your own business. You won’t have to work for a boss you hate – you can be your own boss. There are entire degree programs geared to doing exactly that.

7. Networking and connecting. Nothing is more important in today’s connected world than social ties. The people you meet in college today could be tomorrow’s CEOs and superstars. It certainly can’t hurt to be friends with them.

8. Raise self-esteem. College is full of young people and all the hopes and dreams they carry. It’s a place of optimism before the cold harsh world beats them down. Step into their shoes for a while and revitalize yourself with some classes and some social interaction.

9. Be a role model. Especially if you have children, higher education is important. Your kids can see you’re working to improve yourself and they can experience how important college is. That way they’ll be more inclined to go themselves.

10. Endless learning. The world is vast and full of knowledge and experience. It’s worth the investment to give higher education a try. Broaden your horizons.

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