Unemployment applications & extension less of a concern for people with college degrees – Infographic

July 19th, 2010 by admin

Thanks to the Bureau of Labor Statistics students can give their parents an even bigger excuse they should be helping them fund their college education. If you want to stay out of the unemployment line and avoid filling out an unemployment application, finishing a college degree seems to be the best cure for that problem. The lowest unemployment rate for a degree is for someone earning a professional degree which results in around 1.7% of people with this degree collecting unemployment. If you get a doctoral degree you will be avoiding unemployment almost as much with a 2% unemployment rate with this degree.

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What the clearest way to avoid is dropping out of high school or not getting your G.E.D. If you end up in this group of people you will find a 9% unemployment rate. With current unemployment rates this rate has probably increased now that 9% unemployment is what the entire population as a whole is experiencing. Just by getting a high school diploma students will find that they almost cut that 9% unemployment rate in half to 5.7%, not bad for just sticking it out through high school courses.

Spending the time to get an associates degree is not only going to increase your salary but you will be able to shave off over 1.4% from the possibility of being unemployed. So if you’re hovering around with some college credits or have completed a few college courses, keep piling on new ones until you at least pull of that associates degree to keep from having to file for unemployment.

The other benefit to landing a college degree is one that is more obvious and is probably the reason most people go to college to get an associates, bachelor or master’s degree, money! The salary increases from a high school degree to a Bachelor’s Degree see almost a double in salary increases. If you really have it in you, getting a doctorate will get you at least a 50% raise over a Bachelor’s degree.

Either way you look at it, getting a college degree at any institution is not only going to potentially earn you over a million dollars more in your lifetime, it’s going to make that unemployment application be someone else’s problem. Considering the heated debates going on about the unemployment extension you could flip the channel and hope things go for the best for those without a college degree.

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