Finance: What Business Administrators and Managers Need to Know

May 31st, 2011 by Clifford

Joe Knight, co-owner of the Business Literacy Institute and coauthor of the Financial Intelligence book series, shares his unique approach on teaching finance and shares valuable information for students pursuing a Business Administration and Management degree in this brief video course. His particular approach focuses on how to get information to the financial people who need to know how the numbers affect them without focusing on traditional “credit/debit” scenarios but rather in real world terms.

Business Management Approach

His comprehensive and digestible approach stems from his direct experience working with actual employees and manufacturing managers who might not possess the interest in the complete financial analysis but who receive a direct benefit in understanding concepts such as gross profit per hour.

Joe also offers an analysis on the many moving parts in a business and how cash and credit markets in current economic conditions continue to affect small business owners. Joe Knight’s unique perspective on current and future trends is especially beneficial for individuals studying business administration or attending a business administration college. Here individuals will also learn how financial transparency has become an important feature in the business and finance world, not only from an investor standpoint but from an ethical standpoint as well.

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