What is fire science?

October 7th, 2011 by rebeccac

Fire Science ss_91063604If you’re looking to further your education, you’re probably familiar with the typical degree offerings: nursing, accounting, graphic design, etc. Chances are, you decided to read this blog because you have no clue what fire science is. Well, if you’ve ever thought about a career as a firefighter, you can definitely benefit from learning more about this field of study.

Firefighting is a lot more complex than pulling a truck up to a fire hydrant, connecting a hose, and spraying water toward flames. While that may have been an accurate description in the past, today’s firefighter needs to be an expert in several areas.

So what else do firefighters do?

Firefighters are experts in life safety skills, such as CPR and dealing with trauma. They perform educational functions in their communities; they have in-depth knowledge of hazardous materials, arson, and fire law. In addition, firefighters have to be physically fit and excellent communicators with people in crisis. Imagine how stressful it could be for someone who is untrained to deal with the kinds of unexpected, stressful situations that are part of the everyday life of firefighters?

Schools that offer Fire Science degree programs typically offer students several learning objectives that are critical. Students usually focus on managing, suppressing, and extinguishing fires. And once a fire is extinguished, firefighters must also work to figure out the cause of the fire. Students who want to move into management positions also find fire science programs beneficial to the development of their knowledge and skills.

Plus, the great thing about fire is that it’s not some passing fad. Which means that going into a career that involves fire science is probably a safe bet if you’re looking for a secure field. So now that you know a little more about what fire science involves, find out about fire science programs in your area, or online. Once you find a few schools that you’re interested in, reach out and talk to their faculty to find out what their program entails and what kind of successes their graduates have experienced.

One thing that should not be overlooked is that firefighters play an important role in their communities. Regardless of which path you take with your degree in fire science, you will have an opportunity to make the world a safer place, and have a positive impact on countless lives.

So now that you know what the heck fire science is, what do you think? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below!

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