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December 20th, 2012 by admin

Graphic design jobs are currently in high demand in areas such as advertising, publishing, Internet marketing and website design, as well as for interactive styles of media such as designing art or graphics for video games, computer and phone apps, etc. If someone wishes to work in this career field, then they will need to choose the correct type of graphic design degree programs.

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Types of Graphic Arts Degree Programs

Potential graphic art students need to determine the type of job they want to hold after graduation in order to decide on the proper type of graphic design degree. There are many kinds of degree programs from a certificate clear up to a Master of Fine Arts degree. Student desiring to earn any of these can enter a degree program either online or offline, depending on their desire and time.

According to information collected by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, students in graphic design will be taking courses such as principles of design, web design, computer design, studio art, etc. There may also be on the job training for some positions.
The majority of graphic design jobs require that the person have a four –year bachelor’s degree to take the best of the available jobs in this field, but lesser jobs in this niche can be filled by persons with an associate degree. In fact, many graphic artists do freelance work on their own as a second career.

Some of the types of programs include:

Graphic design certificate –Can be earned in only nine hours of classes and teaches the student about software and graphic design only.

Associate of Arts in Graphic Design: A two-year program in which classes are taken in multimedia such as communications, solving potential design problems, logic, and problem solving.

Associate of Science in Graphic Design: A two-year program which centers on theoretical thinking, as well as developing technical, plus creative abilities and skills. Classes may include the theory of design, electronic publishing, graphic imagery, classes on sales development and design production.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design: This is a four year program that will provide more advanced skills. Classes include graphic design, changing technology in the field, and current trends in graphic design.

Master of Arts in Graphic Design: This is a more advanced degree and gives graduates the accreditation they need for the higher up jobs in the field of graphic design. Classes may involve courses in types of design software, design concepts in social media, and other advanced titles.

Which degree is best?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics recommends that students get the best education they can as competition is expected to be keen for graphic design jobs. Due to this, education will be the key to deciding which candidate gets the open position, along with a great portfolio. Many positions also require on the job experience or training if the person wants better than an entry level position.

Plus, it is vital to choose a degree program that has accreditation via the U.S. Department of Education so that the program is acceptable to a potential employer. The bottom line is that salaries for graphic designers is expected to range between about $39,000 and more than $100,000, according to BLS statistics.

Therefore, if someone aspires to become a graphic artist, then it is vital to get the best possible education either online or on campus at an accredited school of graphic design before applying for a job in this niche.


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