4 tips to make it easier to read on your computer

March 22nd, 2012 by admin

computer-reading-ts785225211. Calibrate your monitor for reading

A bright, vibrant display might work well for viewing photos or watching movies, but it’s best to tone it down when reading text for long periods. To do so, you’ll need to adjust your computer’s display settings. The easiest way to do this is to use a program like F.lux, which automatically adjust the color of your computer’s display during various times of the day and adjusts for various lighting conditions. Simply install the program, input a few settings, and the program will take care of the rest, making for a more comfortable computer reading experience.

2. Enhance your reading application

Depending on what you’re reading on your computer, you might find yourself distracted by a variety of factors, like ads, email notifications, or simply a cluttered page layout. To enjoy a cleaner reading experience, consider using a browser extension or bookmark service. A browser extension, such as iReader for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, will pull text out of a page and get rid of the ads and images. Bookmark services like Instapaper and Read it Later can save content you wish to read later and present it in an easy-to-read format when you’re ready to dig in.

3. Equip your room with better lighting

You probably already know that light quality can have a major impact on eye strain, particularly when you’re reading or studying for long periods. Luckily, there are a couple of steps you can take to create optimal lighting conditions. First, try using a small table lamp instead of an overhead light while reading. This will make it more comfortable and easier on your eyes to focus on the screen. Next, avoid sitting with windows behind you if possible. The bright light from the sun can reflect off the screen and create a glare.

4. Adjust your monitor height

Have you ever noticed yourself leaning toward the screen as you read a long chunk of text? It’s only natural for some people, since most people hold books closer to their face than they situate their computer monitor. To minimize this lean, try placing your monitor on a mount. Many mounts allow you to adjust the monitor for better ergonomics, and some even allow you to move the monitor around on your desk for more comfortable viewing.


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