College transfer rates on the rise

November 10th, 2005 by Key Magazine

College students have always taken advantage of the transfer policies at most colleges and universities. An increase in the rate of transfers has caused some higher education administrators to raise an eyebrow in alarm.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement results released this week, nearly half of all college students take courses at more than one university before attaining their degree.

“It’s a myth we have in higher education to say students start and finish at one institution,” said Jillian Kinzie, an Indian University professor and author of the survey.

Some of the main reasons students sight for transferring colleges or credits are:

  • Dissatisfaction with school
  • Change in major that requires school transfer
  • Taking classes at local community college over the summer to save time and money
  • To complete degree program sooner
  • Transferring colleges or college credits is not a bad thing. The problems arise when students fail to make sure credits are transferable.

    “I had a couple of classes that didn’t count at all, and I wish I’d had little better communication with the schools I was considering transferring to,” Holly Munk was quoted in a recent USA Today article. She transferred from Marquette University to Saint Xavier University.

    Admissions counselors recommend that students hoping to transfer ask which courses will transfer to their chosen university. Otherwise, students are stuck with credits that don’t help them move toward degree completion.

    As you and the other high school guidance counselors prepare students for college, have a candid conversation with them about transferring colleges and universities. It is not recommended that students stay at a school where they are unhappy, but transfer students are presented with a number of other challenges that must be considered. It might be a good idea to have visiting admissions counselors address the needs and challenges of transfer students, the process of transferring colleges and how to make sure all transfer credits count toward the student’s degree.

    Learn more about the study and it’s results.

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