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August 30th, 2005 by Key Magazine

With the beginning of school comes homework. And, in many cases, more of it than in the past. High school students are signing up for advanced placement, IB and college-credit courses through dual enrollment at record numbers. Knowing where to go to get homework help is a necessity.

Many online services provide homework helping in everything from math and physics to health and English. While the majority of these services are free, some do charge for answers. Others offer free help, but none of them will do the homework assignment for you. Instead, they point you in the right direction to find the answer, or help explain assignments so that you grasp the concepts.

Here is a list of web sites that offer online homework help. Use them the next time you have a question about the geography of the ocean, or a complex law of physics or how a combustible engine works. Just don’t look for someone to do your homework for you!
General Homework Help
oEncarta Homework Help
General Science
o Scientific American’s Ask an Expert
o Ask How Things Work
o Ask a Mad Scientist — Many different topics
o Ask a Remote Sensing Scientist
o Dr. Universe (K-6)
Astronomy & Space Science
o Ask the Space Scientist
o Ask a NASA Scientist
o Ask Dr. SOHO
Biology & Life Sciences
o SchoolWorld Zoo Experts
o Ask a Health Expert
o Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory Experts
o Ask a Biologist (Arizona State University)
o Ask Physics Questions

o Ask Shamu — SeaWorld (questions about ocean or marine animals) (K-6)
o Ask Jake the Sea Dog — Whaletime (questions about ocean or marine animals)
o WhaleNet A.S.K. “Scientist of the Week”
o Ask a Geologist — United State Geological Survey (USGS)
o Ask an Earth Scientist — Dept. of Geology and Geophysics at U. of Hawaii. Faculty experts on volcanoes, geochemistry, geophysics, earthquakes, minerals & gems, sediments & sedimentary rocks, hydrology and natural hazards.
o Ask a Geologist — Geological Survey of Canada
o Ask a Volcanologist — Volcano World
o Mineral Resource Specialist Directory — United State Geological Survey (USGS)
o Ask a Diamond Expert — Van Daaz diamonds
o Ask a Paleontologist — Illinois State Geological Survey (Dino Russ’ Lair)
o Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory — Columbia University
o Ask a Gemologist
o Ask a Weather Expert
o Ask a Hurricane Hunter
o Ask A Health Specialist
o Ask a Mayo Clinic Physician
o Ask an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
o Ask the Optometrist
o Ask-A-Nurse
o Ask the dietitian
o Ask the Psychiatrist

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