Dental Health : Can Peroxide Assist Gum Disease?

June 21st, 2011 by megana

Anyone doing a college search to get a dental assistant degree will need to learn about the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide as part of an oral hygiene routine. Most people who attend a dental assistant college will learn that hydrogen peroxide is good for keeping the mouth disinfected and cleaning the overall area. If you get a cut, a laceration, or a blister; peroxide can keep the area clean while it is healing.

When you have graduated from dental assistant school, your patients may ask you if hydrogen peroxide can help cure gum disease. You can tell them that the answer is no. It does not.

While peroxide can help to keep the gums a little bit cleaner, it cannot reach disease which is much deeper within the gums. A mouth rinse such as peroxide has no clinical effect down in the tissue where the true periodontal gum disease lies.

While peroxide cannot cure gum disease, it is an acceptable treatment to try to prevent it. Rinsing with peroxide is considered an effective treatment like brushing or flossing or going to someone with a dental assistant degree to have the teeth cleaned.

As you do your college search, you will find that every dental assistant college will offer courses on cleaning and whitening teeth. At your dental assistant school, you will learn that while peroxide also has whitening properties.

Because of this, most teeth-whitening toothpastes and teeth-bleaching treatments use peroxide as the active ingredient. It works by chemically de-bonding stain from the teeth. So, while peroxide does disinfect and keep the mouth somewhat sterile, it is more important and more efficient used as a whitening agent in different products.

The basic gum massaging technique is a simple one but must be done properly for the optimal results. While brushing your teeth, simply move the brush in a circular motion over both the teeth and the gums. Although this is a simple act, it promotes the blood flow, which means healthier gums and teeth.

A dental assistant degree will help you tell people that peroxide assists in teeth whitening and disease prevention–not treating the disease. But you need a good education at a dental assistant school or a dental assistant college will guarantee this knowledge listed above.

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