When Helicopter Parents Hurt Your Independence

November 16th, 2006 by admin

As a senior in high school or freshman in college, you may not have even heard of helicopter parents but you have almost certainly felt the wind from their rotating wings. A helicopter parent, as defined recently by the media, is a parent who hovers too closely over a child, mapping out their activities, decisions and lives from birth into adulthood. You probably have a friend whose mother picked out her daughter

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  1. Whitney Says:

    What is your advice on gaining independence from your parents when you are 21 years old and have made poor decisions and mistakes, but want to change without your parents hovering and giving you ultimatums and threats? I admit that I have, in the past, drank too much at college because of the freedom thing, but right now I am working an internship and taking a class during summer school. I drink occasionally, but my parents always think I have a drinking problem. How do I get them to give me space without them thinking that I am going to keep making the same mistakes and poor decisions over and over again?

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