How long does accounting and finance school take?

If you are thinking of attending one of the accounting schools or finance schools and wondering how long each program takes. The answer is different for the different levels of academic coursework.

For an undergraduate program of study where you major in accounting and finance, you will most likely how-long-will-accounting-school-take - shutterstock_9732916have to study for four full academic years, and obtain your bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. You’ll study many different types of courses including taxes, economics, business administration, and will have a strong concentration in all forms of accounting and finance.

Some colleges and universities have what’s called an accelerated bachelor’s program. This is where if you have good enough grades, you can complete your bachelor’s in accounting and finance in only three years. Then you may elect to go on to graduate school, where you can pursue more accounting and finance coursework.

At the graduate level, most programs of study in accounting and finance require two additional years of full time study. This two year degree is usually the master’s in business administration, or MBA. But sometimes at certain colleges and universities, an individual can study to receive his master’s in accounting or his master’s in finance.

Most accounting schools also require two years of study for this master’s, but at some you can study at an accelerated rate and complete your degree requirements in only one year, or two academic semesters.

Beyond that, some individuals choose to pursue their doctorate in business administration, which focuses heavily on accounting and finance. This will take another two to three years beyond the master’s.

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