What will I learn in cosmetology classes/school?

Attending a cosmetology school means that you are a person concerned with bringing out the best in people. To become a cosmetologist you do not need to go to an accredited college or university, you can attend a local cosmetology school to learn hair design, skin and nails.what-will-i-learn-in-cosmetology-classes There are some cosmetology schools that include massage therapy and holistic health classes, but these are the larger schools.

In a typical cosmetology school, there are three programs offered to the student, and they have their choice to take one or all of the programs depending on their career goals. Each program offers a certificate upon completion and the student can then go out into the community and find employment. For instance, if the student wanted to run their own agency, they might want to have experience in all three areas. Nail technician, esthetician, and cosmetology are generally taught in a cosmetology school. The curriculum includes lecture and practical classes, and all of these programs are then trained, under supervision, in the clinic.

Cosmetology training includes training based on hair cutting, arranging and style, chemicals for coloring, highlighting, and perms and relaxing hair. The number of hours required for graduation in cosmetology school is different for every state, but averages 1600. The Nail technician program includes manicures and pedicures, and requires about 240 hours of instruction. Esthetician training requires approximately 300 clock hours and includes anything having to do with the skin, so their classes would be focused on facial massage, facials, and cosmetics.

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