How much does a business administration degree cost?

business-administration-degree-cost ss_14829985Business administration degrees vary considerably in price depending on many factors. The school you chose, how many years you want to study there, the degree you’re seeking, and whether you live on campus, off campus or are studying online all changes the overall costs.

The least expensive way to earn a  degree is to attend and study at a two year business administration college or junior college. In four semesters, you can obtain an associate’s degree in business administration from any state. This can easily prepare you to study further at another school for your bachelor’s in business administration.

A junior college typically runs between $3,500-$9,000 per year, depending on its size and status and how long it’s been operating. When you move on to study for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, you have the choice between a public college and a private university. Public colleges are always cheaper.

A bachelor’s degree from a business administration school ranges from $8,000 per year to over $20,000 at the more prestigious schools.

If you’re seeking an advanced degree in business administration, such as a two year graduate degree, costs will range between $24,000 a year to over $45,000, depending on whether the school is public, private, Ivy, or very exclusive.

So depending on your budget, you can choose which business administration curriculum is right for you. You may also want to check out online colleges. Their tuition could fit your budget.  You’d receive your online degree just the same as you would receive your degree from an on-campus business administration college.

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