What should I look for when visiting a business school?

Visiting business schools is one of the best ways to decide which type of school is right for you. No matter how great a school looks on paper, you will never get a real feel for the school without experiencing the school for yourself.college-search - shutterstock_7085044

When visiting business schools, there are a few different things that you will want to make sure to look out for. The first thing is the attitude and happiness of the students. Remember that if you would decide to attend that business school, these students will be your associates for the next few years. Make the effort to speak with a few students and ask them about their classes, what they think of the quality of the education, and their overall happiness with the program.

Also make sure to speak with a few professors and sit in on a class or two, if possible. When visiting a class, don’t just listen to the lecture, look around at the students. Do they appear to be taking the class seriously? Are they interacting with the professors or are they simply there to get credit for attendance? You will want to choose a business school that will provide a high quality and interesting education.

You may also want to visit the career management center and see how the school helps their students in the future. If you can, try to schedule times to talk to professors. Make sure to note how willing the professors are to answer your questions. While visiting business colleges won’t give you all the answers, it will give you a good idea of whether a school will be a good environment for you.

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