How long does computer science school take?

How long it takes to earn a degree in computer science depends on the type of degree you plan on earning, what type of classes you are taking, and the amount of time you have to devote to computer science school. Though the actual time it takes each student to complete a degree varies greatly, two years is generally the least amount of time you can plan on studying. How-long-does-computer-school-take ts_80601607

If you are planning to earn your associate’s degree, you can plan on spending about two years to complete it. A bachelor’s degree will generally require about four years to complete. These estimates, though, assume that you will be attending classes, either online or at a traditional campus, on a full time basis. If you cannot attend classes full time, and plan on being a part time student, either degree would naturally take longer to complete. You also should consider that there may be other factors that could affect the time it takes to complete your studies. Internships, outside commitments and class scheduling all could factor in.

If you are contemplating a post-graduate degree in computer science, you will be looking at anywhere up to four extra years. A master’s degree in a computer science school, while dependent upon the same factors as an undergraduate degree, could take anywhere between one and two years to complete. However, if you are planning to earn a doctoral degree in computer science, you should plan on taking at least an extra three to four years of classes after completion of your master’s degree.

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