What is the difference between computer information systems, management information systems and information technology degrees?

Information technology, management information systems and computer science are three very similar and interrelated disciplines. Pursuing a degree in any one of these fields will involve a combination of technology and business related courses. Regardless of which of these degrees an individual chooses to pursue, lucrative job opportunities after graduation are available in a wide variety of industries. Those with a degree in management information systems will earn the highest salary with premium career options. Alternatively, those with a degree in information technology will earn the lowest of the three salaries and have slightly fewer job options.Difference-between-information-technology-management-information-systems-and-computer-information-systems ss_696678

Individuals pursuing a degree in computer science will work with a variety of technologies that include hard drives, networks and databases. Through an information technology degree, students will learn to work with businesses to keep their technology optimally efficient and up-to-date. Courses are designed to reach graduates about the access, storing, and creating of information, as well as how to evaluate technological needs and solve problems. Common classes offered with an information technology degree include: IT ethics and the law, information security, computer programming, business data and communication, computer concepts and technology, and supply chain management. Popular career options for graduates with a degree in information technology are database manager, hardware analyst, information systems manager, computer security analyst, applications programmer, and quality assurance analyst. Estimates from PayScale reported that those with a degree in information technology earned salaries ranging from a $57,497 as an IT Systems Engineer to $86,848 as an IT Manager. Job opportunities are expected to see a slow decline over the next 10 years.

A degree in management information systems also provides students with the skill set they need to work with businesses to design, implement, and/or troubleshoot their information systems. Individuals will learn how to take charge and management entire information technology departments. As with a information technology, management information systems degrees use a combination of technology and business courses to prepare students for work in the business world. Some of the most common classes associated with this degree are: Operating systems, database development, information management, systems analysis, business

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