What should I look for when visiting a construction school?

When visiting a construction school, there are a few things that you will want to look for. To get the most from your visit, you will want to make sure that the school is aware that you’re coming. Before taking the time to look around the school, set up an appointment with an advisor or teacher.  visiting-a-construction-school ss_18971518

Speaking with a representative of the school will help you decide whether the program could be right for you. Not only will this provide you with valuable information, but it will give you the opportunity to evaluate the atmosphere. Is the advisor or teacher someone you can see yourself learning from? Were they helpful and friendly?

Another advantage of making an appointment is that the school will usually make sure that you get a tour of their facility. If they don’t offer to give you a tour, be sure to ask. Many times, construction schools will have students give these tours. This is a great opportunity to ask the student how they like the school, if they believe they are getting a good education, and about the student population. If the students are happy at the school, you probably will be as well.

When touring the facility, pay attention to the classrooms, labs, materials, and tools. Does the construction school offer a lot of hands on training? What equipment does the school use to teach their students? Are their labs up-to-date or do they appear old and worn? Take a close look at the school before deciding which construction school will offer you a great education.

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