Are there criminal justice scholarships available?

Paying for a criminal justice education doesn’t have to painful. There are scholarships and grants available for qualified students, both from public and private organizations. Some of the scholarships are offered by the schools themselves, based on need and other factors; other scholarships are offered from private organizations with an interest in criminal justice. These privately-funded scholarships are not always based on financial need. offers a quarterly drawing for a free college scholarship, which can be used toward a variety of post-secondary options, whether you are pursuing criminal justice college or decide to get training in a different field. The $2,000 scholarship is a random drawing, thus isn’t need-based or merit-based.

A simple internet search for “criminal justice scholarships” provides many websites with information about these scholarships; some even provide the option of applying for the scholarships right through the website. One website that provides a variety of information is The site has information on general criminal justice scholarships as well as those based on state residency, minority status and even Homeland Security scholarships. The site provides the details needed to apply: requirements, amount offered, deadlines and contact information. Most of the scholarships they feature range from $500 to $2000 awards. is another website that features different scholarships and grants. They offer information on scholarships based on undergraduate/graduate status and have a large list of scholarships offered by different organizations. This website provides the requirements for each scholarship but the user needs to open a free account with them to access full details. The scholarships featured on this site can change in range from year to year, depending on the organization. Some are exclusively for 12th graders about to enter college, while others are open to students already in college or in graduate school. There are also some available to particular programs that include time in high school and college. One of the scholarships listed on this site is technically not a scholarship but an essay contest. It is based on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and prizes range from $50 to $10,000. This particular contest is open to 12th graders, college undergraduates and graduate students.

Another website that offers scholarship listings for criminal justice is They provide the requirement details as well as the scholarship amount, but to access the deadlines, more detailed information or to apply for the scholarships, the user must create a free account. Many of the scholarships listed on this website do not have a yearly set amount for scholarships but those that do range from about $100 to $4000.

Using all the resources available and putting some time into researching scholarships should help criminal justice students acquire an affordable education. In addition to criminal justice scholarship research, please check out our resources on financial aid.

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