How long does criminal justice school take?


Students can obtain a degree in criminal justice in as little as one to 1 1/2 years, or two to three traditional college semesters, when taking a larger-than-normal course load per semester. This will earn the student an associate’s degree. The typical time to complete an associates of criminal justice is approximately two years with a normal class load, and most students find it possible to complete all requirements within that time frame. The next level is the bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, which can be finished in as little as three years with more courses per semester or as many as four years in all. Following a bachelor’s degree, a student may obtain a master’s with anywhere from one to three more years of intensive study. doctoral degrees are also a possibility once the master’s level is reached, and four to five years is the normal amount of time to complete all PhD requirements.

With most colleges, students may choose to attend classes during holidays or summer breaks to finish programs much faster than just going during traditional semesters. As is the case with most things related to colleges or universities, students will be able to complete degree programs faster if more work and time is put into the course of study.

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