How much does a criminal justice school cost?

thinkstock_92825616Finding out how much attending criminal justice school will cost is an important part of deciding which school to attend. There is no simple answer, since every criminal justice school’s tuition and fees are priced differently. While a general rule of thumb regarding criminal justice school tuition and other costs is that public criminal justice schools will cost less than private criminal justice schools, this does not tell the whole story.
While the official cost of criminal justice school may be more at one school than at another, many criminal justice schools offer merit scholarships and need based financial aid. Merit based scholarships are the criminal justice schools’ way of attempting to entice promising students to their schools. Need based financial aid, however, is a way to make attending criminal justice school affordable for all students accepted to the school. Usually, financial aid will consist of a combination of grants and student loans. Student loans may be available to criminal justice students at lower rates, and the interest that you pay on the student loans during repayment may be tax deductible.

When calculating the cost of attending criminal justice school, be sure to think about costs besides tuition. While tuition costs are likely the bulk of the cost of attending a criminal justice college, you should also consider whether you will have to pay for public transportation, tolls, books and other costs to get to and from class. Ask the criminal justice school’s admissions office for information on the approximate cost of textbooks each semester.

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