What are my career options after attending corrections officer school?

Attending corrections officer school will certainly give you a head start in securing a satisfying position in the field. After training, you can expect to find employment on the local, state, or federal level, or even within a private organization. In the criminal justice field, corrections officer are the gatekeepers to our nation’s complex system of jails and prisons. They observe, maintain order, and provide security among incarcerated populations.

If you are embarking upon a new career in the corrections field, your chances of securing a job are quite good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this area is projected to experience a growth of nine percent through 2018. This growth can be attributed to the steady rise in population, the increase in the numbers of incarcerated people, the building of more jails and prisons to house criminals, and the turnover rate within the field. This all translates to job security for you.

Although there can be a great deal of stress when working in this field, corrections officers salary tends to be very good in exchange. They also generally receive a benefits package that includes medical, dental, prescription, and vision insurance, as well as vacations, retirement plans and free uniforms. In addition, your job search is not limited to any one particular geographic region. Qualified corrections officers are needed nationwide, so this gives you the flexibility to choose to work in very large institutions or in small local jails and holding facilities anywhere in the country.

More good news about becoming a corrections officer is that qualified individuals may have the opportunity for later advancement to positions such as correctional sergeants. Correctional sergeants are the supervisors of teams of correctional officers and perform supervisory duties such as maintaining security and directing job duties during assigned shifts. Furthermore, highly qualified correctional officers can be promoted to administrative positions and even jobs as prestigious as wardens of correctional institutions.

Once you have attended corrections officer school and have secured employment, you might eventually be given a chance to further your education through additional training provided by your employer. This continued education can afford you the opportunity to work for the prison in another capacity such as correctional counselor or correctional healthcare provider. Corrections officers opting to receive additional education can also transfer to similar jobs within the corrections field such as probation and parole officers or correctional treatment specialists.

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