What are the most popular programs in the criminal justice field?

popular-programs-in-the-criminal-justice-field ss_80267446There are many choices available to those interested in pursuing the criminal justice field by completing one of the programs offered at a criminal justice school. Some of the most popular programs in the criminal justice field include training programs in forensic technology, crime scene investigation, law enforcement, police science, and security and loss prevention.

Whether your earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, a training program in forensics technology is an exciting and rewarding field of study and can lead to an enjoyable and rewarding employment position in the criminal justice area. Training programs in this field of criminal justice will involve courses and training in crime scene investigation, collection of evidence, finger-printing techniques, and processing of the evidence of crime scenes such as murder or arson and many other criminal acts and white collar-crimes.

Crime scene investigation is another popular program in the criminal justice field. Some areas of study in this program include investigation of the crime scene, collection of evidence at the crime scene, finger-printing techniques at the crime scene.

Another popular program in the criminal justice field is law enforcement and police science. Completion of this popular program prepares you to enter the field of law enforcement or enhances the skills of currently employed officers. Courses include study in areas of criminal law, criminal procedures, finger-printing techniques, terrorism or threat assessment, and crime scene investigation.

Security and loss prevention is another popular program in the criminal justice field. In this program, the training includes areas relevant to homeland security, emergency response, health and safety, industrial loss and safety, and other areas of loss prevention. Some courses and training offered in this popular program might include study in exciting areas of research and investigation of property loss, loss prevention, theft or fraud investigation. Completion of a training program in the area of security and loss prevention could lead to a rewarding career in loss prevention or in other areas of the rapidly growing field of homeland security.

Loss prevention professionals are usually employed by government agencies, insurance companies and large corporations or industries. Employment in the security and loss prevention involves employment in positions involved in the security and prevention of property loss, and the causes of property loss, such as fire, theft, fraud, or water and other weather damage. Other employment positions in this field involve investigation and examination of evidence of property loss.

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