What can I do with security guard training?

Once you’ve successfully completed a security guard training program in a trade school or college, there are many different career opportunities available to you depending on what environment and geographical region of the country you wish to be employed at.


Many financial institutions such as banks or credit unions regularly hire security guards to watch their premises during normal business hours. Security guards who choose this career path have to make sure both the staff and the customers stay safe from any potential threats such as bank robbers. Security guards in this career can be either armed or unarmed, but are usually armed.

Department Stores

Many department stores hire security guards in addition to the normal video surveillance cameras they have perched throughout their stores. Security guards are usually unarmed in these locations, but some can be armed. They’re responsible for alerting customers to potential dangers from robbers, finding and arresting any shoplifters, and deterring any potential vandals or people committing inappropriate activity.

Industry Security

Most factories have both daytime and nighttime security guards on the premises at all times. These guards have to be alert to watch for burglars, keep vandalism at bay, and they also often perform routine administrative functions such as securing the vehicles and individuals who enter and exit the facilities by requiring proper identification and by directing them to the appropriate sections of he buildings. This can be a very rewarding career since you get to work both inside and outside the facilities on most shifts.

Corporate Security

Major and minor corporations always employ security guards to watch their premises. They’re responsible for keeping in touch with all foot traffic entering the corporate buildings and directing them to the proper locations within the corporation. Moreover, they have to watch out for burglars, robbers, and other criminal elements. These security guards usually carry firearms and have been well trained in how to use them. Dangerous threats can break out at any time in a corporate setting, including terroristic threats from attackers entering the premises with potential bombs and other dangerous devices. Guards have to be prepared to handle most anything.

Private Security

Many security guards prefer to work for private individuals in their capacity as protectors. They can start careers as bodyguards for wealthy people and for celebrities, or they can go into their own business and hire a staff of security guards for all types of occasions, such as staffing concert events in stadiums. Some security guards also function as private chauffeurs as well, serving a dual capacity for their employers as independent contractors.

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