What can I expect in law enforcement training?

Training Needed for Law Enforcement Administration

On television you see law enforcement administrators portrayed with witty one-liners and cops or detectives shooting out punch lines as they always get their man. However, a real career in law enforcement can be real taxing both mentally and physically. Not to mention emotionally.

As crime rates go up, the need for law enforcement personnel with the right skills and ability to carry out criminal justice is needed now more than ever. A good education and the right training can provide new recruits the right extensive training they need to teach them how to deal with lawbreakers.

Getting Started

First things first, choose a specialty. What area of law enforcement are you most interested in? Is it in the area of state, local or federal law? There are a wide range of opportunities in these jurisdictions. If you have a criminal justice degree, you may be able to work as a police officer, corrections officer, bodyguard or public or private security guard. You just need to decide where your interests lie and tailor your education around that specific career choice.

Above all, you must have a high school degree. Many departments require one or two years of college, some even four. You must have some knowledge of the law….right? Don’t worry, many colleges offer law enforcement training courses.

Once you’ve gotten the education part out of the way and decided what it is you want to do, it’s time for on the job training. Most law enforcement jobs will require a training program to see if you’re qualified for the job. Here’s what some programs require.

Corrections Officer

• You’ll learn academics, physical fitness, and uses of force, communications skills, and group interaction.

• You’ll learn about firearms, chemical agents, weapons, arrest and control and constitutional rights.

Forensic Technology

• You’ll learn about type of evidence

• Crime scenes

• CODIS (Combined DNA Index System)

• Collecting Evidence

Law Enforcement/Police Science & Security

• You’ll learn how to drive and operate a police car

• Fire a gun

• Fingerprinting

• Crime scene/accident equipment

• Handcuffs

• How to take photographs etc….

There are many online sites that offer law enforcement jobs. These sites also go into more detail regarding training. Once you find the perfect fit you can begin. With crime rates the way they are and no sign of them slowing down, the world could always use a few extra good law enforcement administrators.

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