What can you do after attending criminal justice colleges in Illinois?

More and more people are choosing to earn degrees in criminal justice. There are two reasons for this phenomenon: Fewer jobs in industry, and the glamorizing of criminal justice by television shows such as CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the venerable Law and Order with its seemingly endless string of spin-offs.

Some criminal justice careers in Illinois where you can use your newly-minted degree include police work at the city, county, or state level; crime scene investigation; and forensics. Don’t overlook becoming a private detective, an FBI agent, or a security professional in the private sector.  O’Hare Airport is one of the state’s largest employers of security services and the security officers there do a lot more than search luggage.

The forensics field offers some of the most varied and challenging work, and requires a science background, persistence, an innate curiosity to look beyond the obvious, and a logical mind set to draw the correct conclusions based on the evidence extracted. These positions are usually of the behind-the-scenes variety, and seldom place the officer in harm’s way. Closely related are criminal profilers, where the operative attempts to determine the personality profile of the perpetrator to assist in identifying him or her. This is especially useful when a serial criminal is at work.

Job prospects in all phases of the criminal justice field remain favorable in Illinois, particularly in the Metropolitan Chicago area. The Chicago police department alone employs more than 13,000 police officers. Add in the suburbs and the collar communities and the number soars.

Also, the Chicago area is home to corporations with security needs, both physical security and the protection of company data. Security specialists need a state license, as do private detectives. Private detectives are hired by individuals; by law firms; and by corporations including insurance companies investigating suspicious claims. Private detectives often supplement a company’s in-house security department.

Yes, popular TV shows often portray this field as more exciting than it actually is. But those working in the criminal justice field on a day-to-day basis find enormous satisfation in the important role they play in protecting the people and the property in their assigned area of responsibility. Apart from the medical community, they are the only men and women in the business of saving lives. If you are interested in pursuing a criminal justice or law enforcement career in Illinois, start now by getting info from criminal justice colleges in Illinois, to get started down the path in this exciting field.

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