What is the average forensic technician salary?

This is an exciting time to consider a criminal justice career in forensic science. Once trained, you will be able to collect evidence from crime scenes and store in conditions to preserve integrity. You will know how to keep records and prepare reports on your findings. Your program should also provide training on how to reconstruct crime scenes in order to determine relationships among different pieces of evidence. The salary of a forensic technician averages to be $55,040 per year.

A career in forensics was made popular by television shows such as CSI, but the fascinating field of forensic science has been around for quite some time. Forensic Technicians investigate crime scenes and seek out evidence. The work they do is often compared to solving a mystery. They look for clues to help determine what happened at the scene of the crime, and manner in which it happened. If the job of collecting and analyzing evidence appeals to you, you may want to consider a career in the field of Forensic Science.

If you decide to prepare for a career as a Forensic Technician, you will need to look for a program that has a curriculum that includes college level science and math courses. You will also need to receive training and exposure to how to appropriately handle bodies, body fluids and tissues. You will also be spending quite a bit of time training in a laboratory setting in order to learn how to analyze samples. When searching for a training program, be sure to look for a curriculum that will give you a broad understanding of the criminal justice system as well as additional modern trends associated with the field of forensic science.

Whether the school offers an online criminal justice program or in-person format, it is best to look for a program that will provide job opportunities upon completion. When searching for a program, ask about the employment status of their graduates. If the program boasts high job placement rates, you will be able to assess the truth of the claim by knowing where graduates are currently employed. Additionally, the cost of the school or program will not only impact your experience, but also the amount of debt you will have upon completion. There are many criminal justice schools and programs and the tuition can be as varied as the curriculum. When visiting schools inquire about scholarships and need based financial aid. In many programs, financial aid will be a combination of grants, scholarships and student loans.

Salary and Wage information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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