What jobs can I get after going to criminal justice schools in Florida?

Obtaining a criminal justice degree in Florida provides people an amazing range of job opportunities. There are several schools that offer accredited Criminal Justice Degree programs, and people can use their degree to enter into jobs on local, state and federal levels. Obtaining this type of degree enables people to become more than just a police officer, there are a number of other jobs that become available to them including jobs in the following areas:




-Park Service Jobs

-Narcotics Bureau

-Correctional facilities on both county and state levels

-Liquor Control Boards

-Customs Agency

-Department of Defense




-Many more

Students that graduate from an accredited Criminal Justice Degree program have the options to also work as private investigators, in private sectors, for security companies, and also for insurance companies. Many graduates also choose to work as crime scene investigators and in other specialized job roles.

A large number of Criminal Justice Degree graduates in Florida also choose to work in forensic science related jobs. Within this type of related field industry there are two types of popular jobs:

-Field analysts: These people go to crime scenes and collect evidence.

-Lab analysts: These people take the evidence collected from crime scenes and run lab tests on the evidence. Many times these tests will include running chemical tests like DNA identification, and also bullet testing or analysis related to tracing the evidence.

Since so many scientific conclusions must be obtained in order to prosecute suspects in the court of law, forensic science jobs are of the most needed types of Criminal Justice Degree positions available.

Those students in Florida that are seeking a career as a defense lawyer or prosecutor many times find completing a pre-law program such as a Criminal Justice program to be very beneficial. This type of program helps them to understand the basics of how Criminal Justice works and also gives them a good understanding of how the court systems operate.

There are also a large number of students that graduate from Criminal Justice schools in Florida that prefer to work as substance abuse counselors. A very high percentage of inmates in the Florida correctional system suffer from substance problems and addictions. Substance abuse counselors come in and work with these inmates and offer them programs they can attend to help them overcome their substance abuse problem, which in the end helps the people to function in society without breaking the law.

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