What should I look for when visiting a criminal justice school?

When visiting criminal justice schools there are a variety of things you should look for to determine whether it is the right criminal justice school for you. Take note of how long it takes to get to the school when you visit, and whether it is a commute that you are comfortable making each week for your classes.

College TourTake a look at the criminal justice school’s facilities. Look for indicators of how invested in modern technology the criminal justice school is. For example, is the school’s campus wireless? Are there computer labs available? Ask if the courses offered integrate state of the art technology. Today’s criminal justice careers are on the cutting edge of modern technology, so it is important for you to attend a criminal justice school which is on top of the latest developments.

Besides looking for technology at the criminal justice schools you visit, you also should look at the facilities themselves. If the criminal justice school holds classes with fifty students in them, are the classrooms the right size, or will you and your classmates be scrambling for space? Does the criminal justice school offer spaces for you an your classmates to meet for study groups? These could be in the school’s library, or in another area of the school. Are these meeting rooms available all the time, or only during limited hours? Consider whether the hours available will work for your needs, or if they will leave you scrambling for somewhere to meet your study group.

Here’s a list of criminal justice schools that you can review to find the right fit for you.

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