Do culinary programs offer financial aid or student loans?

financial aid for culinary school - shutterstock_76941811Yes! In addition to Federal financial aid, students may also be eligible for financial aid from the state they reside in. Each state is different, but most offer some form of assistance for students. Federal financial aid is easy to obtain, regardless of age, sex, financial status or race. The major assistance programs are the Federal Pell Grant, which never needs to be repaid, and the Stafford Direct loan which is interest free for the duration of your education and features a low interest rate upon repayment.

Besides the two most common forms of Federal aid, Parent plus loans are also available to parents of students under 24 years of age who are considered dependents. For older students, or if parents don’t qualify for other loans, there is also a direct loan that can be awarded regardless of income. There is an option for financial aid to fit any student, and it is easier to acquire than many believe.

Culinary schools are accepted by the Federal aid programs, and like any other college or university, they offer assistance in applying and filing. The first step is filling out a FAFSA, or free application for federal student aid. Once the application is filed, the school you enrolled in will take care of the rest.

There are also thousands of private loan and scholarships available. Sallie Mae foundation is a great place to start. Sallie Mae directs students and parents to trusted loans and legitimate scholarships.

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