How much does a graphic design college cost?

cost of graphic design school- TS - 80712391Graphic design college ranges greatly in price, depending on the quality of the school and how much education you want.

There are many small graphic design schools that offer very short introductory courses to graphic design. These programs are usually only a few weeks or months, and only cover the bare bones, but are enough to get you started. Some are pay-per-class, with each class going from $20-$40. Others are pay-per program, and usually cost $200-$400. The exact price will depend on how good the program is; its prestige, the experience of its teachers, and the abilities it can give you.

Next are the short-term classes, ranging from six months to a year. These range in price from $500 for the six month program to $1200 for the full year.

After that are the two-year programs. These are very common and popular, and are often offered at community and technical colleges. These graphic design school programs usually cost between $3000 and $6000, though the very nice ones can cost closer to $10000.

Finally, there are the typical four-year programs offered by major colleges and universities as a degree. These can be very costly but also very valuable. A four-year program at a typical graphic design college will typically cost $20000-$30000, though this can be reduced with scholarships and grants. Luckily, many people are eligible for student loans at this kind of graphic design school.

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