How long does information technology school take?

how-long-does-information-technology-school-take ss_16753687Information technology drives most of our economy today. American jobs have shifted from gross manufacturing to services and information. Writers, editors and other wordsmiths are now more important. In response, the focus of education has shifted towards more abstract fields. Computer science and the various ways of processing information now hold the keys to well-paying jobs.

Today, a student does not have to attend expensive, four-year universities to get a decent education in information technology. In fact, a two-year vocational or technical school may be all that is required. These schools offer associate’s degrees and professional certificates.

An associate’s degree is designed for students who do not need four years of coursework. They are awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges,  and some four-year schools. The typical associate’s degree takes two years to complete.

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