Do interior design programs offer financial aid or student loans?

interior-design-programs-offer-financial-aid-or-student-loans ss_40280896Today, more than ever, students who are seeking a higher education need some sort of financial aid to make it through their college years. Yet, there is much confusion about what financial aid is available and who can apply. Financial aid is broken down into three basic categories: government grants, scholarships, and student loans. Each of these operates under a different set of rules.

Let’s start with scholarships. These are mostly offered by corporations, non-profit foundations, and even individuals. Since they are not government sponsored, the government has no control over them. Each organization makes its own rules for the scholarships they offer. Unless they specify that a particular scholarship is only for left-handed Asian women who want to study taxidermy, or some such, scholarships are open to everyone.

Government grants, on the other hand are limited to students who are attending accredited universities. While the area of study and eventual degree earned have nothing to do with the approval process, the school the student is studying at does. If you want grants, make sure you are planning on attending an accredited interior design school.

Student loans are normally backed by the government as well. As such, they follow the same rules of accreditation that grants do. However, once again, they are open to any field of study, including interior design.

There is money available for students who desire to study interior design. Ask at your financial aid office; they can direct you to the best options for your education.

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