How long does interior design school take?

Accredited interior design schools now offer only bachelor level degree programs, which generally how-long-does-interior-design-school-take ts_78052950take four years to complete. Some students may complete the interior design degree requirements more quickly, but bachelor level degrees take at least two years of study. On the other hand, some students take longer than four years to earn their bachelor degrees, some taking up to six years of full- or part-time studying to complete degree requirements.

The varying amount of time it takes for students to complete their interior design degree is due to several factors which can come into play. First, if a student chooses to study part-time, in order to hold a job while taking classes, it will take longer to earn the degree than it would for a full-time student. Full-time students who have extra time to devote to classes will be able to cut time off the average.

Committing to taking summer classes or intersession classes when they are available can also help a student finish the interior design degree program more quickly. This can be especially helpful if there are required classes which do not fit into a student’s fall or spring schedule.

Taking internships while in interior design school, while extremely worthwhile, can also delay graduation. As the student is unable to attend classes during this time, requirements must be made up in another semester.

While four years is the average to complete an interior design bachelor degree, much of the actual time depends on the student, outside commitments, scheduling and internships.

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