How long does marketing school take?


The amount of time it takes to finish at one of your favorite marketing schools depends on the specific school attended, the degree being pursued, and which program is being studied. How-long-does-marketing-school-take ss_3248515

Time varies greatly for students attending a community college or undergraduate university. Those who are seeking an associative degree in marketing will have to complete an average of 60-64 credits worth of marketing classes and the school’s general core classes. A full time student can complete this within one or two years. For those in an accredited undergraduate university, an average of 124-128 credits of marketing classes and general courses are required. This will take four years to complete. However, some students choose to be part-time students or take semesters or quarters off to work and save money, increasing the time it takes to graduate.

A master’s degree in marketing can either be achieved through a graduate school’s marketing program or as a specialty within an MBA program. Most graduate schools have a laid out curriculum in which its students cannot take time off and must take classes in a specific order. This means marketing students almost always graduate quickly and on time, read and prepared for the work field. On average, marketing colleges take three semesters, or one and a half years, to complete.

Compared to other schools and programs, achieving a degree from a marketing school is not as time consuming; yet, the rewards and career possibilities that come with a marketing degree are numerous.

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