What should I look for in a marketing school?

When considering to attend marketing schools, you should look into what kind of professors the school hires. Do these professors have direct experience with marketing firms or related fields? Or are they primarily researchers who deal with theory? If you want to have a career in marketing research, the former will be your best option. On the other hand, if your aim is to become a part of an advertising firm or something similar, it’s better to seek out schools that have professors who have recent working experience in that department.
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Another major factor to consider is the quality of a marketing school’s internship and career center. If a school’s career center has many ties with marketing firms, not only will it be easier to gain work experience, but it will give your resume more prestige. It’s also important to make sure that the career center will also be available to alumni. 

Another major factor to consider is the school’s curriculum. Will the school require you to take general education classes that do not relate to marketing? If so, that may not be the right school for you. You should also take your future career plans into consideration. For instance, if you plan to be involved in direct marketing, make sure that the courses a school offers goes beyond traditional marketing channels.

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