How long does massage therapy school take?

Massage therapy is a growing field today as people begin to transition to more natural healing and how-long-does-massage-therapy-school-take ss_54670846alternative treatments to medicine. When considering massage therapy school, you will want to know how long you will have to be in school before you can begin practicing. Much of the answer to that question will depend on the licensing requirements in your state.

The actual massage therapy training courses take about a year, and then you may have to practice for up to six months under a licensed massage therapist prior to being allowed to start your own practice and be licensed. It’s also important to understand insurance requirements for massage therapy practices. Again, different states have different requirements.

Many states have a minimum number of hours that an applicant must complete, usually around 600 hours. Most massage therapy schools require students to complete practice hours within the school itself, offering massages to other students and faculty at very reduced prices. These hours are usable toward the required minimum hours required by each state for licensing. After completion of massage therapy training, one can find suitable employment in massage therapy clinics or chiropractic offices to complete the remaining hours. Be sure to research the requirements for liability insurance as well for a massage therapist for your state.

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