How much does massage therapy school cost?

how-much-does-massage-therapy-school-cost ss_94452865Pursuing a career as a massage therapist does not require a four-year degree, and few states currently require formal licensing for such therapists. A number of vocational and trade schools can teach a person to ply this trade in as little as 9 months.

The cost of massage therapy schools is usually in line with what classes at a community college would cost in most areas. The reputation of the alma mater of a massage therapy school matters less than it might than other professions, but all schools must turn out professionals who know the basics of hygiene, basic anatomy, and how to use their hands.

A person may sometimes attend a massage therapy school without needing to take out student loans. When students start working, they can pay off their loans in a few years rather than over the course of their lifetime. A cost between $2,000-$4,000 is not unreasonable for a diploma program. Programs that offer an associate degree start at the higher end of the previously mentioned price range. Few four-year schools offer such a program.

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