What are the most popular massage techniques that you will learn at massage therapy school?

Attending massage therapy school means that you will be learning about a variety of different massage best-massage-therapy-techniques ss_30988195techniques that you will be able to use when you graduate and become a licensed massage therapist. Classic massage therapy techniques, like Swedish massage, are covered at massage school, however there are many more exciting massage techniques that you can use for different clients.

Massage therapy for women who have had mastectomies requires a special technique so that the massage is comfortable and relaxing. Similarly, women who are pregnant require a special prenatal massage therapy method that will relax the mother. Athletic massages are their own special category, with a focus on the different muscles that are strained and worked depending on the sport. While at massage therapy school you will learn how to use massage to help runners, swimmers, and other athletes’ bodies recover after arduous races.

Eastern massages are also very popular topics at massage therapy schools today. These massage techniques focus not only on the body’s muscles but on the client’s energies and stress levels. One of the most commonly taught is Reiki, however there are many other Eastern massage therapy techniques taught at massage school. You will learn how to ease the client’s body and mind using these exciting alternative therapies.

Hot stone massages have also become standard techniques taught in massage therapy programs. Offered at spas across the country, hot stone massages use heated smooth stones instead of massage therapists’ hands to relax the muscles and relieve clients’ knotted muscles.

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