Can I go to an online medical assisting school?

Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing fields right now and it is expected to keepmedical assisting school online-shutterstock_11764135 growing well into the future, with most estimating that the current growth won’t slow until 2018. So it seems reasonable to expect that there are a lot of options out there for people looking to learn the skills that are required of them in medical assisting.

The vast majority of medical assisting schools will offer some online courses, however, a lot of techniques need to be taught in person and actually practiced in real life. For this reason, you might find some medical assisting schools that offer certain training online, but for full certification, you may have to seek out live classes from other programs.

The majority of medical assisting students attend schools that use hybrid teaching programs with equal parts live and online education, ensuring that students can take many classes on their own time from the comfort of their own homes, while still meeting all requirements by taking first aid classes, learning to draw blood, administer catheters and other requisite skills in person.

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